Competition Commissioners

12 August, 2010

Doing my research I have collected the names of Commissioners of competition policy. Or actually I have found it on Wikipedia. Just a quick reminder about those who safeguarded prices.



Second post today

12 August, 2010

Working on a paper on merger control, I had to dig up paper originals of old proposals for regulation. Until now I found two very useful sites.

One is the European Navigator project. You can search a wide range of documents, including old newspaper articles, etc.

The other one is the ‘Archive of European Integration’ project. here I have found the original proposal, which is not on EUR-LEX.

Here is the original proposal.

ICN treasures

12 August, 2010

It is really difficult nowadays to write short comments on competition issues; the excellent blogs from all over the world cover a wide range of topics. Nevertheless, I thought it is worth to point out one. The ICN Blog has an ICN Treasure Trove series of entries. Really interesting.

Just to note; from the OECD website. One of my favourites of those I found recently is the mergers study by Whish and Wood (Whish, Richard és Diane Wood: Merger cases in the real world: a study of merger control procedures. (OECD, 1994). See here.