Two weeks to go – Second Annual Conference on Competition Enforcement in the Recently Acceded Member States

We are looking forward to an extremely interesting conference in two weeks in Brno (Czech Republic). We have reported about the conference previously. For more detailed information visit the website of the conference.

Lucie Bányaiová is going to talk about ‘The Concept of Selective Distribution under Draft Regulation on Vertical Restraints and Draft Guidelines’.

Her panel on vertical agreements is chaired by Dr. Tóth Tihamér, the President of the Scientific Council of the Competition Law Research Centre (Hungary), who is also of counsel to White and Case and has been the president of the Competition Council. Other speakers of the panel are: Szakadát, László (Competition Council, Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH)) and Petr, Michal (Head of the Legislative and International Section, Office of Competition and Consumer Protection).

clip_image002 Lucie Bányaiová is a senior associate in Salans’ Prague office. Ms. Bányaiová received her Master of Laws in 2000, Doctor of Laws in 2001 and Ph.D. degree in 2007 from Charles University School of Law in Prague and a diploma in Legal Studies from Cardiff University Law School in 1997. She also studied political science at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, USA and European law at the European Academy of Law in Florence, Italy. She worked as a short-term intern with the Court of Justice of the European Communities. Before joining the Prague office, she worked as a legislative counsel with the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic. She currently works as an external lecturer at the Charles University School of Law in Prague where she leads seminars on conflict of laws. She focuses her practice on corporate law, conflict of laws, EC law and competition law. She is a member of the Czech Chamber of Advocates. She speaks Czech, English and French.



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