Only one month to go – there are still some places left

22 March, 2010

After last year’s successful conference in Budapest, this year the Annual Conference on Competition Enforcement in the Recently Acceded Member States will be organised in Brno. The speakers include Rafaj, Petr (Chairman of the Office for the Protection of Competition); Schweitzer, Heike (European University Institute); Marsden, Philip (Office of Fair Trading, BIICL); Bányaiová, Lucie (Senior Associate, Salans); Bednářová, Barbora (former Adviser to the First Vice-Chairman of the Office for the Protection of Competition of the Czech Republic); Neruda, Robert (Office for the Protection of Competition); Brouček, Milan (Director, Chief Economist Department, Office for the Protection of Competition); Bejcek, Josef (Masarykova univerzita); Csorba, Gergely (Chief economist, Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH));Katsoulacos, Yannis (Athens University of Economics and Business); Kokkoris, Ioannis (Visiting Professor, Bocconi University); Le Berre, Morvan (Wardyński i Wspólnicy sp.k.); Petr, Michal (Head of the Legislative and International Section, Office of Competition and Consumer Protection); Szakadát, László (Competition Council, Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH)), Szilágyi, Pál (Competition Law Research Centre, Hungary); Tóth, Tihamér (Professor at Pazmany Peter Catholic University and White & Case; former Vice President of the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH)).

You can find more information at the website of the conference:

International Antitrust Litigation – Conflict of laws and coordination

2 March, 2010

On March 26, 2010, Louvain University, University Paris 2 and the Max Planck Institute organize a conference on “International Antitrust Litigation – Conflict of laws and coordination” in Brussels.  It will cover a broad range of issues including rules on jurisdiction, applicable law and recognition of judgments, but also on sharing of evidence, protection of business secrets and interplay between administrative and judicial procedures.

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