Call for papers: World Competition

9 February, 2009

I received the following call recently for forwarding.

World Competition Law and Economics Review is a highly regarded journal dedicated to competition and antitrust. It examines all aspects of competition policy, primarily  from a legal perspective, but also from an economic point of view. Membership of the Advisory and Editorial Boards includes highly regarded academics, practitioners and members of the judiciary, as well as top ranking competition law officials.  

In order to obtain more information about World Competition, please visit: 

 World Competition is inviting authors to submit their manuscripts for publishing. The articles must include legal analysis of competition issues. Further requirements for the manuscripts are laid down in the attached Guide to Authors. Please note, that articles submitted to World Competition must undergo a peer review procedure by the Editorial Board in order to ensure the contributions published are of the highest  quality. 


Moreover, the competition for the Young Writer’s Award is running throughout 2009, providing an opportunity for young authors to be published and rewarded for their contribution. The participation of candidates from new EU Member States and particularly from developing countries is encouraged. The prize is a free annual subscription of World Competition and a 1 000 Euro voucher for Kluwer’s publications. Please see the attached notice for more details regarding the award.

 Contributions   should be sent by post to José Rivas, Editor, at Bird & Bird, Avenue d’Auderghem 22-28 box 9, 1040 Brussels, Belgium or alternatively via e-mail to the Editor or to the Editorial Board

Conference flyer – Competition Enforcement in the Recently Acceded Member States

6 February, 2009



The Competition Law Research Centre and the Hungarian Competition Law Association organises a conference on the ‘Competition Enforcement in the Recently Acceded Member States’.

For more information see the website of the conference: 


Countries that recently acceded to the European Union have long history with competition law. Most of these countries also represent smaller, open market economies, which have faced a rapid and recent privatisation process. These countries have also endured several common historical events that make them face similar market situations and problems including inter alia excessive pricing, bid rigging, refusal to access as well as issues related to the current financial crisis.

Topics include

The aim of this conference is to address issues that arise in competition enforcement in these rapidly developing economies with ever increasing competition expertise. This one day conference will address topics in the application of competition legislation on anticompetitive agreements, unilateral conduct, as well as issues related to the application of competition legislation in the wake of the financial crisis.


Our speakers include the President of the Hungarian NCA (Gazdasági Versenyhivatal), the Head of Competition Outreach at OECD, the VIce-President of the Polish NCA (Office of Competition and Consumer Protection), Vice-Chairman of the Czech NCA (Office for the Protection of Competition), Members of the Hungarian Competition Council, Chief-Economist of the Hungarian NCA, senior OECD experts, highly acknowledged academics, officials and lawyers from leading regional law firms.






Call for papers in Competition Law

6 February, 2009

I want to start a new category of entry, namely ‘call for papers in competition law’. Any submissions duly welcomed.

Lets start with the first one.

Researching Current Issues in Global Competition Law and Policy 2009

Where: Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT), London, United Kingdom

When: Friday, 6 March 2009

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Competition Law and Policy (ICC) is pleased to announce that its high-level Annual International PhD Conference 2009 will be hosted at the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) in London on Friday 6 March 2009.

This conference will provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and fruitful debate between doctoral research students who are engaged in researching current issues in the field of competition law and policy. The conference offers an excellent opportunity for interaction between researchers from around the world under the guidance of some of the most senior members of the competition law community globally.

The Conference is a unique opportunity for research students to engage in a productive debate, meet fellow research students from around the world and receive fruitful feedback on their thoughts and ideas.

Expressions of interest to present a paper at the conference are welcomed from doctoral candidates currently conducting research in the field of competition law and policy. The Conference has been named after the ICC’s late affiliated member, Ms Marion Simmons QC. The 2009 Annual Conference will be devoted to discussing topics that Marion had particular interests in. This includes EC and UK competition law and international arbitration. We are therefore looking to receive applications from PhD students who are researching topics in EC competition law, UK competition law and the relationship between competition law and international arbitration.

Those interested in presenting are asked to email a summary of up to 1000 words of their paper ( along with a copy of their curriculum vitae, clearly showing the title and topic of their thesis.

Only papers demonstrating research and original thinking of the highest quality will be selected. Please note that under no circumstances would previously presented or published papers be considered or selected. We discourage submission of papers giving a general ‘overview’ of a thesis but would strongly welcome those dealing with specific set of issues or topic.

Applicants must be PhD students. Only 5 applicants will be selected to present.

Please send all the relevant documents by 1 January 2009. Final decisions will be made on 12 January 2009. Decisions will be communicated via email on that date with an announcement made on the ICC’s website listing the names of successful candidates.

Papers selected and presented at the event will – if they are of high quality and meet the relevant requirements – be considered for publication in the ICC’s Global Antitrust Review.

Confidential discussions with the ICC’s director are possible either via email ( or by telephone (+ 44 (0) 207 882 8122).

About the Interdisciplinary Centre for Competition Law and Policy (ICC)

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Competition Law and Policy (ICC) is a unique centre that delivers world-class work in the field of competition law and policy. The ICC conducts research and delivers training in the field of competition law and policy, drawing on the multi-disciplinary strengths of Queen Mary, University of London, one of the UK’s leading research-focused higher education institutions. The ICC brings together the research strengths and expertise of the Queen Mary School of Law, and the Departments of Economics, Politics and Geography.

The ICC’s mission is to:

• Build a strong, broad-based and well-informed competition law community

• Engage in competition advocacy and internationally recognised scholarship

• Deliver innovative training and consultancy to meet the needs and expectations of lawyers, economists, policy-makers, competition enforcement bodies, judges and business people

The ICC offers internationally-recognised PhD and (taught and distance learning) LLM programmes in competition law and policy (in addition to a strong undergraduate option in EC and UK competition law) as well as an impressive programme of shorter courses including training courses and a highly successful annual summer school in competition law. Since its inauguration in 2006, the ICC has welcomed hundreds of participants to these courses in London; hundreds more (mainly judges, lawyers, economists and policy-makers from over 35 countries) have benefited from training given in different parts of the world.

The ICC also publishes a high quality, refereed student journal, the ICC Global Antitrust Review (GAR).

For further information on the ICC and its activities, visit: