Competition 2010 prize by the Hellenic Competition Commission

30 June, 2010

Wishing to promote competition culture in Greece, and in the context of its competition advocacy efforts, announces for 2010 a competition for the prize “Competition 2010”. The prize will be awarded to the best scientific article in competition (antitrust) law or economics written by young scholars that are not 31 years old or older on 30 November 2010.

The article must be written in Greek and must pertain to the broad subject of competition law or economics, more specifically either Greek or EU competition law & policy. The article must be unpublished and be based on recent research. It must not be longer than 15,000 words, including footnotes.

The prize amounts to 3,000 euros and the deadline for the submission of the articles is the 30th of November 2010.

More detailed information on the process of submission of the articles can be obtained from



28 June, 2010

Program and registration

13:00 – 13:05 – Opening remarks

13:05 – 14:45 – Recent development in the regulatory framework of the telecom sector

  • The user’s right in the telecommunication market (Philippe Achilleas, IDEST)
  • Competition & devices : Recent developments for the Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment regulatory framework. (Bernard Thery – Legal Director frequencies NRA, France)
  • Opening up the (radio)spectrum (Dániel Arányi, Réczicza White & Case)
  • Next Generation Network : free competition or regulation of the market? (Frederic Peron, IDEST)

    14:45-15:00 Coffee break

    15:00 – 16:45 – Recent development in competition policy in the telecoms industry

    • The intersection of competition law and policy with telecom regulation (Tibor Szántó, Gazdasági Versenyhivatal, Hungarian Competition Authority)
    • Recent EU competition policy trends in the telecom sector  (Péter Vörös, Kajtár Takács Hegymegi- Barakonyi Baker & McKenzie)
    • Recent cases in the telecoms sector in competition law in Hungary (Pál Szilágyi, HCLRC)
    • Convergence in telecom: an analyse of the cross selling practices (Anais Magloff, Orange/ Sofrecom)

      16:45 – 16:50 – Closing remarks

      There are only a limited number of places available to the conference. You can register here.


      28 June, 2010

      One of the hallmarks of European integration has been the construction of a community, latterly a union, based on shared values. These values are common to all Member States and, according to Article 49 EU, aspirant members are obliged to respect them and be committed to promoting them before applying to accede to the Union. Nevertheless these values not only provide criteria against which to measure countries’ readiness to join but also in fact imbue the entire functioning of the Union.

      In the post-Lisbon context, this conference — organised by the Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Faculty of Law and Political Science — brings together some of the most respected academics in European law today to expound upon the impact of a value-based approach to their own specialist field. With leading thinkers drawn from a diverse selection
      of spheres, participants at the conference are warmly encouraged to discuss and interact in order to contribute to a more complete understanding of the role and importance of values in the EU legal area.

      In welcoming speakers and participants to the conference, we trust that the exchange of ideas and fruitful academic intercourse will encourage greater appreciation of the pivotal nature of the values underlying the continuing evolution of EU law and its legal system in the new environment engendered by the Lisbon Treaty.


      More information here: