Nice work…again!

23 December, 2008

I suppose most of the competition community knows about the excellent research papers that the Swedish Competition Authority presents usually, so I just would like to point out their knew ‘pros and cons’ publication about the workshop in November on vertical restraints. You can also download the slides of the presentation here. You can also order a hardcover publication.


Online media

16 December, 2008

It is always interesting to see how technical progress and innovative projects lead to better dissemination of information. I remember DG COMP having put all the videos about a hearing on Article82 on its website. The reason for this blog entry was the audio material of an AAI conference: Future of Private Antitrust Enforcement Materials and Audio.

In the middle of a long way… we have the Art 82 guidance

3 December, 2008

Today the Commission published its guidance (Guidance on the Commission’s Enforcement Priorities in Applying Article 82 EC Treaty to Abusive Exclusionary Conduct by Dominant Undertakings on Article 82.) See here. More later.