Two events

We will have two great events in English during the upcoming months.

The first one is on the 23rd of March. Scott Crosby is talking on the Criminalisation of Competition Law. After his presentation Péter Mezei (Landwell) will give us a view on the Hungarian aspects of criminalisation of competition law.

The event is sponsored by Réti, Antall és Madl Landwell.

You can register here or by browsing the webpage of the Hungarian Competition Law Research Centre.

You can download the flyer of the event: Download the flyer.

The second event is the annual international conference of the Competition Law Research Centre. This one will be the Third Annual Conference on Competition Enforcement in the Recently Acceded Member State.

As usual this event has its own webpage:

The event is co-organised by the research centre, University of Reading and University of Lazarski and is organised under the auspices of the UOKiK.

The event is sponsored by Hansberry Competition, Wardyński & Partners, White & Case and Wierzbowski Eversheds.

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