Competition Policy International

As already noted a few days ago, the OFT just published a paper on consumer protection and competition policy. The new issue of Competition Policy International also has some articles on the issue. As far as I remember CPI as free until recently. It is a pity that now you have to pay for access, but I also have to note that the subscription fee is not too high.

From the last issue:

Consumer Protection Policies, Economics, and Interactions with Competition Policy
by Paul Pautler (Federal Trade Commission)
Interactions between Competition and Consumer Policy
by Mark Armstrong (University College London)
Consumer Protection and Behavioral Economics: To BE or Not to BE?
by Howard Beales (George Washington University)
Regulation of Information and Advertising
by Paul Rubin (Emory University)
Unfair Commercial Practices and Misleading and Comparative Advertising: An Analysis of the Harmonization of EU Legislation in View of the Italian Implementation of the Rules
by Claudio Tesauro (Bonelli Erede Pappalardo) & Francesco Russo (Amsterdam Center for Law and Economics)


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