Pandora’s Box was opened last September

I think Eleanor Fox can write very soon her next artice titled: We protect competition, you protect competitors II. …. 

“Opera, a Norwegian developer of web-browsers, filed a complaint against Microsoft with the European Commission (the “Commission“) claiming Microsoft is abusing its dominant position by tying its browser, Internet Explorer, to the Windows operating system and by hindering interoperability by not following accepted Web standards. The developer asked the Commission to require Microsoft to unbundle Internet Explorer from Windows and/or carry alternative browsers pre-installed on the desktop and require Microsoft to follow fundamental and open Web standards accepted by the Web-authoring communities. Opera thinks that its requested remedies gives consumers greater freedom and flexibility while, at the same time, ensuring that the Web further develops into a platform for innovation.” The Antitrust Lawyer Blog

InformationWeek reports that the House might hold a hearing on the antitrust implications (if any) of a potential Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo.

“Microsoft’s bid to acquire Yahoo is certainly one of the largest technology mergers we’ve seen and presents important issues regarding the competitive landscape of the Internet,” said Judiciary chairman John Conyers Jr., D-Mich., and ranking Republican Lamar Smith, R-Texas, in a joint statement released Friday. The Judiciary Committee’s Task Force on Antitrust and Competition Policy will give the proposed deal “a careful examination” at a hearing slated for this coming Friday, the statement said. The committee will hear from experts — as yet unidentified — who will weigh in “on whether this proposed consolidation works to further or undermine the fundamental principles of a competitive Internet.”

Alos, the Department of Justice’s antitrust division “would be interested in looking at the competitive effects of the transaction.” – On Antitrust Review

And you can read many more on the Internet, plus there are already some complaints at the Commission.


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